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Hello You!

Hello You! ///



new year. new computer. new blog. new website. new everything almost … everybody is talking about new resolutions like going to the gym and starving themselves … and i am too. all that and more. and also less. it is high time to say goodbye to a lot of things like stress, unneeded loss of energy and unwanted sadness. and hello to new friends and people to collaborate with.

the plan is to share all this and hopefully inspire you. yes you: the one i would love to hear from, talk to, share my coffeewinewhiskey and time with. drop me a line.  i’m here!

Oh Oh OK Go

Oh Oh OK Go ///

it is only february and i think the coolest thing of the year might already have happened: the OK Go concert in Paradiso in Amsterdam. i met the happy makers in the flesh, got signatures, we had a super nice chat, exchanged Instagram account follows with über nice, terribly handsome and very inspiring singer Damian. also developed an instant crush on him of course (can you blame me? – he is so gorgeous) and -as planned- bought the t-shirt.


i expected the concert to be amazing because their videos are so mega original and simply genius.

it was indeed a wild, flashy and colourful party with lots confetti and multi-coloured graphic art.. but we also saw Damian leave the stage to sing intimately in the middle of the audience.




and then the moment i never even dared to wish for: there they were! after waiting for a long time outside in the cold…  by that time my hair was ruined and my smile a bit frozen… but they were oh so charming. and patient. and so so cool! i think i said ‘thank you’ a thousand times! maybe even more 🙂

here are some of the many pictures i took. straight from the iPhone of course..

i also did a #flyingstuff series with their album Hungry Ghosts. the images will be in my next blog post.

Meeting Sir Paul Smith

Meeting Sir Paul Smith ///

Someone I have always wanted to meet and talk to is Sir Paul Smith and I was super happy when I hear he was coming to Hasselt. Not only to open the must-see exhibition about his life and inspirations but also to talk about it all and even give a personal tour in the fashion Museum in Hasselt. I must have been one of the first people to subscribe to the lecture.

He was so nice and charming and of course -he is English- super funny. It’s interesting to hear how he started really really small to build a large imperium. Als super interesting to hear how he deals with money.

Of course I bought the Book, got the selfie (he made), got the signature, and was fortunate enough to get the tour twice. Go see at the Fashion Museum!!!

(All images were shot with iPhone 5s because I didn’t bring my camera…)






Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.

Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger. ///

One evening in the freezing cold with my camera at the fair in Hasselt, Belgium… this is the result. i love how a camera can help you see things you can’t normally see with your bare eyes…  sort of Daft Punk looking… most images are shot at a contraption called Rock ‘n’ Roll while I was dancing my derriere off 



Beyonderground I

Beyonderground I ///

For three consequent years I organised, together with three friends and colleagues (Pablo Hannon, Debora Lauwers and Daan Linsen), a graphic design festival called Beyonderground.
I had a sooooo much fun shooting  the campaign images for it. We did some flyingstuff things with the Beyonderground logo and we had the best time getting creative, messy and dirty


3D letters

3D letters ///

I have always been crazy about letters. I’m a graphic designer after all. I only wish there was more choice in fonts you can buy in stores in 3D though.

I love to put custom words in my office, the kitchen and everywhere else in the house. I paint them and repaint them to fit where and how I want them.

I have even used them for my #flyingstuff to try and throw words in the air but that was a whole different ballgame… I will show you the results/attempts of that later…