Viktor Coffee ///

Viktor Coffee ///

Every now and then my dear friend Super Steph and I get a sudden urge to change the world at least a little bit. And exactly at those moments, we meet to have something other people call a brainstorm but in Steph-and-Manon-Land it is more a brain tornado.

This happy event preferably takes place at a location that is for us yet to discover and conquer. Crime scene this day: Viktor, espressobar anex concept gallery in Antwerp. It was quiet. Very quiet. Before we arrived that is. But still, only one other person came in. Word is that it can get super crowded during the weekends though. There is a super nice gallery space downstairs and an artisan shop in the back. Definitely worth a visit!

These are my iPhone impressions. The approach you see Stephanie take with her Canon can be checked out here


Personal Branding

Personal Branding ///

With all the social media storm and everything people are talking constantly about personal branding. Here is an example of a personal branding tool I made for a client, Gilles Puelings. He is a young racer and he needs to find lots of sponsor money to be able to stay in the race, especially because he wants to go international.

I made a brochure for him in a pdf that he can send before he goes to his potential sponsor. Or he can send it later so sponsors will keep remembering him. Also: when they already are a sponsor, their logo will be represented in all the photos and they love to see that. And last: the printed booklet does all of the above and is a keepsake for fans and everyone who wants it and who wants to know all the info about his races and contact info.

Notice how the brochure is directed to the ‘avatar’: male, sporty, dynamic, interested in racing and cars. Everything is made in racing colours and in the personal colours the racer uses for his helmet and outfit.






University College portraits

University College portraits ///

One of the first big portrait assignments I ever got was when my design company, Hectica, was asked to make a new house style for the KHLim, a University College in Belgium. The first thing we changed was that we put the students in front of the camera and let them represent the college. Also: every department got it’s own brochure and colour to go with it. This is the look we started with:



Lovely Liv & Louise

Lovely Liv & Louise ///

In May I had the pleasure of having these cuties in front of my lens in their communion dresses. The weather was more tropical than spring-y so we had some trouble with eye squints and wanting to swim more than pose but I loooove the result we got at the end of a morning of posing and smiling 🙂 Here are a few of the shots I made of Lovely Liv and Louise:







Pom Poms for the Office

Pom Poms for the Office ///

Every now and then I change the entire look of my office because I spend a lot of time there and I have the need to be surrouded by things that inspire me. These pom poms are a super nice and colourful addition to my ceiling and very easy to put together.