I am Manon Wethly.

I have my roots set in design, studying architecture, graphic design, illustration and photography. Having had the opportunity of starting as an all-round junior designer at a renowned design agency and finishing my career there, as head of design, I had all the baggage I needed to go my own way, and start a concept driven design studio for myself, Hectica, boiling more than water for already many years. My eyes are now more than ever set on photography though, with big plans, enlarging my take in the creation or capture through a lens.

This will be my playground. The pixelplace where I will share the little experiments, the tiny fragments of a bigger picture, maybe I will even give you an insight on the creative catastrophes on my path. We’ll see! Plenty for you and just enough for me. The outcome of my creativity and my idea of fun and joy too. They are one and the same. I get easily distracted though. So many things to do, to see, you’ll get some of that on your plate too.
For fellow creatives or cameralovers: Feel free to join in, we can multiply our ideas and spend the day shooting stars, ducks, panthers.
For possible clients, NASA and Jude Law: throw me an inspiring line via email.
For clouds and wobbly objects: Stand still when I spot you and don’t change shape or colour.

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