Personal Branding ///

With all the social media storm and everything people are talking constantly about personal branding. Here is an example of a personal branding tool I made for a client, Gilles Puelings. He is a young racer and he needs to find lots of sponsor money to be able to stay in the race, especially because he wants to go international.

I made a brochure for him in a pdf that he can send before he goes to his potential sponsor. Or he can send it later so sponsors will keep remembering him. Also: when they already are a sponsor, their logo will be represented in all the photos and they love to see that. And last: the printed booklet does all of the above and is a keepsake for fans and everyone who wants it and who wants to know all the info about his races and contact info.

Notice how the brochure is directed to the ‘avatar’: male, sporty, dynamic, interested in racing and cars. Everything is made in racing colours and in the personal colours the racer uses for his helmet and outfit.






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